Bwindi Local Woodcarvers Association

Welcome to the Bwindi Local Woodcarvers Association

This association was started by Muhinga Augustine (also known as Rasta), a teacher, and his disciple Rutaro Onesmus.

Rutaro (left) and Rasta (right)

They use sustainable sources of wood to carve wooden statues, and also make furniture. They train additional youth on woodcarving and carpentry.

Earlier this year, thanks to support by Sahaya International, we were able to already provide them with extra tools such as chisels. We are currently raising funds to give them additional tools to make them more efficient in their work. Below is a list of their items:

  • Drilling machine: $90
  • Planer: $90
  • Grinder: $75
  • Sander: $75
  • Jigsaw: $105
  • Dremel: $90
  • Two sets of u&v chisels: $119
  • Clamps: $45
  • 9 Measuring tools: $30
  • Paints (4 tins): $72
  • Wood for carving: $75
  • Uniforms for carvers: $70

If you like to donate, you can go to our donation page and indicate that you like this to go to the woodcarvers association.

Many thanks for the support!