Rafiki Kids


Welcome to the Rafiki Kids!

  • This children’s group is an activity of the Bwindi Children Empowerment Charity (a charity currently formed), but we are happy to partner with them to provide these children with the resources for education.
  • The children come from a variety of underprivileged backgrounds.
  • They perform music and dance for tourists. Donations are used to help these children with their education and other basic needs.
  • The coordinator of this program is Labour Bills, a tour agent and guide who lives at Buhoma, Bwindi. You can contact him at this email address (remove the spaces and insert @ to get the gmail address; this listing here is to avoid spam): empowerchildren ‘at’ yahoo.com.
  • Via this program, we are also seeking sponsorships to help cover the educational expenses of these children.
  • You can donate to this program by going to our donation webpage and assigning your donation to Rafiki Kids.

This page is still under construction while we are building the foundation for this program. So please visit us again soon. In meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.