Rafiki is partnering with several non-profit organizations, nongovernmental organizations and community-based organizations, internationally as well as locally.


Sahaya International

Sahaya International, is a USA-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 1999 by UC Davis infectious disease researcher Dr. Koen Van Rompay. Sahaya International is 100% volunteer-based, and is a network of friends who volunteer their time to build awareness and support of healthcare, education, environmental and socio-economic grassroots programs in developing countries. Since its inception, Sahaya has channeled over 5 million dollars to worthy community-based programs in India, Vietnam, Uganda and Kenya. In 2020, Sahaya International learned about Rafiki, and is committing to help Mushamba forward his mission of being a change-maker to save the gorillas. For more information, visit, or watch the short documentary about the origin of Sahaya, Sahaya Going Beyond (narrated by Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons).

Photography Inspiring Children in Conservation (PICC)

PICC is a USA-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working towards educating and empowering primate-habitat communities to support conservation. We provide locally-led workshops to inspire students and build capactity, and support children in becoming conservation leaders within their communities. In PICC programs, students gain knowledge about primate ecology, and conservation issues and solutions while also learning skills in photography, illustration, and storytelling for future conservation-based employment. We are supporting Mushamba in his efforts to empower the Buhoma students and plan to cunduct a PICC workshop in the near future. For more info on PICC, visit

Omotani Caring Foundation 

The Omotani Caring Foundation is a USA – based 501 (c) 3 charity that provides support for the Bwindi Plus School for orphans in Uganda.  During the Covid pandemic it has provided food and soap to the school, Batwa families, porters, and other needy families in the Bwindi region.  A primary goal of the OCF is to build a new student dormitory for the orphan students. For more information, visit

LOCAL PARTNERS (in Buhoma/Bwindi area):

  • Bwindi Plus Nursery and Primary School:

    • Founded in 2015 by Agaba Moses.
    • Provides education to approximately 300 orphan students from underprivileged backgrounds.
    • Has a vegetable farm and goat-rearing project to provide better nutrition to the children.
    • Plans for the future include a construction of a dormitory, purchase of land and construction of high school, and expansion of the farming project.
    • Click here to see their facebook page.; click here to visit the website.


  • Joint Efforts for Green Mountain Initiative (JEGMI):

    • Founded in 2019 by Twinamasiko Luke.
    • Our ultimate goal is to establish an environment where humans and nature are in harmony.
    • JEFGMI implements a number of development initiatives in conservation, health, and education, income generating projects for livelihood improvement, water and sanitation to community members adjacent to the Bwindi Impenetrable National park.
    • Provides local communities with emergency supplies during COVID lockdown.
    • Click here to learn more on how you can support JEGMI with building wells for communities at Bwindi!
    • Click here for their website, or click here to follow them on Facebook.


  • Community Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation (CIBIC):

    • Founded in 2012 by  Mr. Tusingwire John Bosco.
    • CIBIC is a local NGO working to create harmony among people living in park edge communities through climate-smart sustainable agriculture as source of food and income, as opposed to poaching
    • Click here for their website, and click here to follow them on Facebook.


  • Girls Skill Development Center:

    • Founded by Musinguzi Denis.
    • Provides vocational skill-training on tailoring, weaving and basket-making to women and girls from underprivileged backgrounds.
    • Click here to follow them on Facebook.
  • Rafiki Kids

    • A program of the Bwindi Children Empowerment Charity.
    • Is a group of children of underprivileged backgrounds, that performs music and dance for tourists.
    • Donations are used to help these children with their education and other basic needs.
    • Click here for more info.
  • Bwindi Buhoma United Reformed Poachers Initiative (BBURPI):

    • Founded by Byarugaba Robert.
    • Works on reforming poachers and providing them with other sustainable and conservation-promoting income-generating activities.


  • Bwindi Batwa Farms:

    • Founded by Tumwebaze Calvin and Tweheyo Robert
    • Works with Batwa communities to support them with sustainable and eco-friendly farming.


  • Bwindi local artists association

    • Is an association of local artesans who make art products to sell to tourists and other markets.
    • Arts include: woodcarving, baskets, weaving, painting.
    • Many of their items are on sale at the Rafiki art center.



  • Haka Enzamba Music

    • Started by Haka Mukiga, cofounding member and also director of Rafiki.


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