Sahaya Rafiki Guesthouse

This page, as well as the guesthouse, are under construction….so please visit us soon for updates! This guesthouse is adjacent to the National Park. But note that this lodge is being built on farm land, with timber wood that comes from that farm land (in other words, no native forest was cut). We are in the process of replanting the rest of the plot of land (which was used as farm land) with native trees, including trees that gorillas and other wildlife prefer (click here to see some pictures of the replanting). This is part of our efforts for reforestation, with the ultimate goal to expand the habitat for mountain gorillas and other wildlife.

Once it is completed, which is expected by June 2022, it is available for tourists and volunteers, can stay there!  It is right next to the National Park!


The status of the guesthouse in April 2022

A clip of the Rushegura family crossing the stream in front of the guesthouse (May 14, 2022)

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