Mountain gorillas are on the brink of extinction with around 1,000 animals left in the wild. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the few protected habitats for mountain gorilla populations.

Fortunately, conservation efforts have been helping to protect them from poaching and deforestation, but they continue to need help to survive and thrive.

In addition to working with the local communities on conservation efforts to reduce poaching and deforestation, our hope is that we can even take it a step further, by REFORESTATION, to convert some of the agricultural land that is immediately adjacent to the National Park to large native forest, so it can work as a buffer zone.

This video below was made by Ian Markham (follow him on instagram at  @ianwildhope and @ianwildhope).

A clip of the Rushegura family crossing the stream in front of the Sahaya Rafiki guesthouse (May 14, 2022), taken by Mushamba Moses.

Here are some pictures of mountain gorillas, contributed by generous photographers. Click the picture to see an enlarged version.

This gallery below has photographs by Ian Markham (follow him on instagram at @ianwildhope and @ianwildhope). Click on individual pictures to see an enlarged version.