Batwa farming program

Thanks to a generous donation by the Omotani Caring Foundation, in 2022, we were able to purchase a 10-acre farm land at Matanda (near Kihihi). The land is currently being prepared to soon plant the first crops. The purpose of this program is to train and empower families of several Batwa communities via farming activities, of which the crops and profits of the sales will be used to support their families and reinvested to make the program sustainable.

This program is supervised by  Bwindi Batwa Farm.

In early March 2023, the first steps were taken to plow the land and remove also any remaining grasses/weed. Then by the end of Marc, the first seeds (Maize, beans, millet and pumpkins) will be sown to become the first crops.

We will post more updates on this program as we continue to make progress. We welcome donations to this program. You can use the form below for online donations (you can select “tip” to zero”), or mail a check (payable to “Sahaya International”, with mention Batwa farm, to use at 1504 Portola Street, Davis, CA 95616). For other ways to donate, click here to go to our donations page.

Pictures on this page taken by Mushamba Moses and Robert Tweheyo.

Pictures of March 2023, when several Batwa came to work on the land.