Support Batwa Education

The Batwa have lived in the equatorial forests of Africa for more than 60,000 years. They lived in harmony with the forest and its creatures, including mountain gorillas, for millennia.
In the early 1990s their homeland was designated as a protected area for endangered Mountain Gorillas. While funds from gorilla tourism help the community as a whole, and some NGOs stepped in to help the Batwa specifically, there was not enough to truly help them create a new sustainable way of life.
One way to help them long term is through education. While there are free public schools in Uganda, they are not adequately funded, are over crowded, and generally not conducive in raising the quality of life for the student and their families. According to a BBC report, 68% of students in public school do not finish primary education, and more than 61% of public school teachers failed basic math and literacy tests. Girls are especially at risk of dropping out prior to reaching secondary school.
Therefore parents prefer to send their children to private school where they can really thrive. These are often hours from home so they need to board at the school. There are additional fees for books, bedding, food, transportation and other expenses.
The good news is that by U.S. standards, the cost for a year of school is very affordable. For secondary school it’s about $600 for the year. For primary school it’s $150 to $300 depending on the grade level. For kindergarten, it approximately $100 per year.
Consider a gift today. As Salvan Tumweisgye says: “Any kindness you do for someone lasts forever. Little deeds of kindness and little words of love help make us all happy.”
You can donate towards helping Batwa students with their education by making a donation via this link below. If you like to donate via other means (such as check or other methods), please visit our donation page.
Below are some clips and pics of Batwa children and youth who recently already received some partial support.

These Batwa children received school uniforms and supplies (August 2022):