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Thanks to the generosity of donors of Sahaya International . we are able to support the education of Batwa and other children from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda! Education empowers children and will build leadership in the Batwa communities.

  • Nine Batwa children and youth from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest communities in Uganda are being supported. While 1 goes to local school in Buhoma, the other 8 were enrolled in the Seeds of Hope School (near Kihihi) in Feb 2023. At this residential school in Kihihi, the Batwa students are able to focus on their studies as the environment is more conducive to learning and they are better-fed than back in their own homes. Additionally, they are not pulled out of their classes to dance and perform for tourists like they routinely were when they attended their local schools. With the donations received from Sahaya International, we are able to take care of the children’s school fees and buy their school supplies and other necessities, to ensure that the children get a good education so that they can look forward to a bright and successful future.
  • Two female Batwa youth who recently finished high school, enrolled in a vocational training school, one of them to become a tour guide, the other one to become a kindergarten teacher. This program is also residential, and for both youth a great experience that broadens their horizons.
  • We are also providing partial educational support to 6 non-batwa students.

Background on education in Uganda:

While there are free public schools in Uganda, they are not adequately funded, are overcrowded, and generally not conducive in raising the quality of life for the student and their families. According to a BBC report, 68% of students in public school do not finish primary education, and more than 61% of public school teachers failed basic math and literacy tests. Girls are especially at risk of dropping out prior to reaching secondary school.
Therefore parents prefer to send their children to private school where they can really thrive. These are often hours from home so they need to board at the school. There are additional fees for books, bedding, food, transportation and other expenses.
But the good news is that by U.S. standards, the cost for a year of school is very affordable. For kindergarten, it approximately $100 per year. For primary school it’s approximately $150 to $300 depending on the grade level. For secondary school it’s about $600 for the year.   For higher education at a vocational school (including fees, dormitory and food), the cost comes to approximately $800 per year.

You can help the education of Batwa children. Consider a gift today.

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The parents visiting the Batwa children at the Seeds of Hope School (March 2023); click on individual pic to see enlarged version.

Below are some clips and pics of Batwa children and youth when they received some partial support (such as school supplies) in 2022. Click on individual pictures to see enlarged versions.