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Here are some bios of young artists who are active in Buhoma, Bwindi. If you are interested in any of their work, please contact us, and we will bring you in touch, or you can connect with them via their social media.

My name is Ainembabazi Peterson. I am a 22-year old Ugandan. I completed high school with Biology, Agriculture & Geography studies at Advanced Level. Currently I am an artist in drawing and painting.

I grew up in the village of Nkwenda in Bwindi, Southwestern Uganda, from a very humble background with many siblings. I grew up with my fellows, drawing simple small pictures of gorillas (cartoon-like) and selling them to tourists  who came to see mountain gorillas) here at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, we did that on the main road side😢 I desired to be a great artist and i got inspiration from my elder brother who was an artist as well. Most of my friends are artists of a different kind that is, some are basket-weavers and others do wood-carving among others. My interest was in drawing and painting and I have focused on that. I later paused learning art to concentrate on education until at the age of 16 when I resumed practicing so as to perfect it. When I finished high-school in November, 2019, sadly, I couldn’t proceed for higher education because of financial difficulties. I sat home and after a long period, I realized I had no other option other than trying other chances since education was at stake. Training as a tourist guide and creating art became my devotion. In me, I knew and had thoughts that I am not so talented like most of my fellows are. I had a mentality and at school I had already been convinced I am a scientist. I later changed my mind and decided to give it a try. Through learning and trying my best, I am so surprised of what I can pen and pencil down now.

I concentrate mostly on drawing and lately on painting. All these art works I have were made within the past 2 years, ever since I restarted art in December of 2019.

I had hoped to always sell my art works and later use that income (money) to pay my tuition for my university later along. But all in vain, COVID-19 distorted everything since tourism here was locked and I hardly made any sales and that plan is no more.

I still have hopes, that is why I am still drawing tirelessly. I got the strong faith that if I get enough market and good sales especially through the Bwindi Arts union, ART will help change my LIFE and my fellow artisans’ life in some way.

Thanks a lot,

Peterson Aine, Artist, Buhoma-Uganda.

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Rominus  Natumanya

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A few samples of Rominus’ work (click on each pic to see a larger version)


Turyatunga Innocent

I am Turyatunga Innocent,18 years old. I am the artist that was inspired by elder brother.I was born in Butogota where I study at Butogota Trinity College, and am currently in senior 3 level. I was born in a family of 6 children. Out of the 6, 3 are in school.  My love for art forced me to look for art opportunities, and I find Bwindi impenetrable forest as a big inspiration. So I joined BWINDI ARTS for me to go on with my passioned art.

My name is Innocent Tayebwa. I’m 15 years old . I am in senior two at Kinkiizi High School. I started to do art when I was in primary school: painting , drawing. I have a dream feeling that I can do sculpture. There are so many reasons as to why I was inspired to do art : art is enjoyful. Art is about thinking critically to create something. I was born art-talented.

I am Kakuru James.  I am a Ugandan aged 24 years, born in March 1998 in Bwindi. I am a student pursuing a bachelors vocational studies in art and design at Kyambogo university. I grew up in a family of ten members where by my mom gave birth to twins three times. I, Kato and Peterson, our young brother grew up in an orphanage center called “Bwindi orphans Development Centre [BOCEC], where we used to go for music dance and drama to entertain visitors. Muhangi Augustine [Rasta], a painter and a wood carver, inspired me to love art and to become a conservationist by making art works for sale. I started to make mostly cross-hatching drawings made using pen and pencil and sell it to tourists,  especially those who came for gorilla trekking. This money made out of art helped me to pay schools fees and buy other scholastic materials as well.
I and my fellow artists we shall always work creatively as a team for wildlife conservation and the betterment of the community.

My name is Victor Nasasira, 26 years old, and artist.

I was born and raised in the mountainous areas of South Western Uganda-Bwindi, the home of Mountain Gorillas. Growing up, life was difficult, born in a family of 12 a few had a chance to go to school. I dropped out of school after my ordinary level of education according to the Ugandan education system.

After quitting, I felt that I had an art talent within me, so I started working to improve my art skills. And I’ve been doing art since then.  My works range from paintings, drawings, carvings, and sculpture kinds of art.

Having realized that many youths in my home area were struggling and not having a chance to attend school, I started sharing my art knowledge with them and we’ve been working together, helping our families and the village people at large. Our theme has always been Conservation through ART as we live near the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park protected area. The objective of starting an artisan group was to help raise all the artists within Bwindi together under one stewardship program.

We have been selling our Art pieces through our friends who have visited Uganda and witnessed what we do. We intend to have an Etsy Art store with time so we can be able to sell our art pieces more effectively.

A few samples of Victor’s work (click on each pic to see a larger version)


Kato Saddeus:

I am Kato, currently 24 years fo age. I am a recent graduate of the prestigious Michelangelo college of art, I started drawing as a young boy, using traditional materials, such as ink on paper.


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